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.Kim Schmidt – General Manager
I have been with Custom Poly since 2002. I came to Custom Poly after working for 5 years at an agribusiness. Over the years I have learned more and more about the flexible packaging industry and have enjoyed working with our customers and staff.

As General Manager, every day I do a little bit of everything! I work with our sales and office staff regarding customer's needs, create and adjust the production schedule as needed, help develop new techniques or configurations to make bags, and I have even been known to run a bag machine if needed! I love the variety of work and look forward to new opportunities to help our customers.


Administration and Sales

Colleen Nolan – 
I came to Custom Poly in February of 2006 and primarily took care of all of the action "behind the scenes" work and have moved on to also work in sales.  The knowledge I have gained over the last 16 years has allowed me to help our customers in their packaging needs.  I am responsible for order entry, purchasing, invoicing, working on receivables, and overseeing shipping. I also work with Kim Schmidt on our production schedule to keep her informed on customer's in hand dates, raw material arrival, issues in production, etc.

Tiffany McKitrick
Tiffany started at Custom Poly in August of 2013.  As with everyone else, I do a bit of everything!  Most recently using knowledge gained since 2013 to take a step into sales.  I hope to continue to assist our customers in whatever packaging or yard sign needs they have.

Our whole team looks forward to helping you with your packaging needs.

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