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Custom Flexible Packaging Information
Custom Poly Packaging manufactures CUSTOM flexible Poly Packaging. We are constantly experiencing new opportunities and challenges that help us keep up with solutions that will help your company satisfy its packaging needs.

Not only do we make poly bags with the custom special features you need for your application, we work with you to think through your needs in advance and determine the best solution.

The following questions are commonly asked and the link will take you to some basic information that will help you get started toward solution that is right for you. Simply click on the link below to read the answer and explanation.

Frequently Used Flexible Packaging Terms

What are my options for sealing mailer or shipping bags?

Do you make custom Die Cut Handle Bags?

What do I need to know about Custom Printing on bags, signs and packaging?

What type of ink do you use for printing on bags, signs and packaging?

What are my color graphics options for printing on bags, signs and packaging?

How do I measure a Poly Bag?

How do I know which plastic is right for my application?

What factors might affect my choice of plastic film for my application?

What factors do I need to consider to meet USDA and USPS requirements?

Can you make packaging that will work with my packing equipment?


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