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What type of ink do you use for printing on bags, signs and packaging?

Custom Poly Packaging uses only water-base inks for printing flexible packaging.

Water-base flexographic inks have been used for printing on the flexible packaging manufactured at the Custom Poly Packaging facility from the first bag printed in the late 1980's. We actually worked with water-base ink manufacturers to help them develop their technology.

The adhesion of the water-base inks we currently use is durable enough to withstand the environment to which a shipper / mailer bag or an outdoor yard / lawn sign is subjected, for one-to-two years and sometimes longer.

Although significant improvements have been made to water-base ink technology, freezer applications are problematic for water-base inks due to condensation that can break down the ink or to the presence of ammonia causing the ink to loosen its grip.

Solvent-base inks are the best choice in a freezer application when flexo printing is required on polyethylene or polypropylene flexible packaging since solvent-base ink does not lift when the bag is subjected to the condensation from the freeze / thaw cycle.

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