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Wickets & Staple packs: Manufacturing plastic bags for use with automated packaging equipment require the use of poly bags that can be loaded into the bagging machine in groups. Wickets and Staple packs dispense bags in a way similar to a sticky-note pad.

Wicketed Bags hang on wire wickets by holes punched through a disposable lip on the poly bag. The "U" shape of the wire wicket is the same as the shape of a wicket in the yard game of croquet. The wire wicket with the pad of poly bags is clamped into the bagger and a puff of air opens the bag, the product is inserted, the bag is torn away from the wicket and sealed.

Staple packs are, many times, used in more manual packaging applications like picking inventories in warehouses or manual bench packaging. The lips of Plastic bags are stapled to a cardstock backer board and torn away as they are loaded by hand.

Adhesive Peel & Stick Bags or Adhesive Lip Mailer / Shipping Envelopes are a few of the bag types that can have one or more strips of adhesive applied to the bag film. Peel and stick adhesive is available in either a Permanent or Removable tack.

Tamper Evident Plastic Bags can be made a number of ways. We offer Sterile Laboratory Sample Bags that have an integral flat wire closure at the open end and are made tamper evident by applying "VOID" tape to the folded-over and wire-crimped bag opening. These sterile bags are typically used to take retain samples of food ingredients.

Zipper reclosable bags can be made tamper evident by filling and sealing the bags through the "bottom" of the bag opposite the zip lock end. To expose the contents of the bag, the closed end just above the zipper is cut or torn away on perforations when opened by the end user.

Poly Bags that have been closed with a permanent Peel 'n Stick Adhesive are tamper evident.

Of course, any Flat, Wicketed or Staple Pack plastic bag that has been filled and sealed on all sides is inherently tamper evident.

Form & Fill bag forming and packaging equipment use poly films to make bags on location where the product is being packaged.

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