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Colorful Trash Bags® - Perfect for Fundraising
Colorful Trash Bags® are an easy and lucrative way for your organization to make extra money. Since the 1980's, Little leagues, Boy Scouts, marching bands, schools, sports clubs, churches, and many more organizations have found it easy to double their investment by offering their supporters Colorful Trash Bags®.  Learn more about these trash bags made from colored LDPE film for fundraising opportunities.


Plain Bags
As a custom manufacturer of flexible packaging, every poly bag we produce is made to meet your unique specifications.  Learn more about finding a custom plain bag solution for your business.

Printed Poly Bags
Custom printed flexible packaging manufactured for your customer or company can be personalized with your unique graphics or illustrations and as required by your application. Learn more about the printed poly bags manufactured by Custom Poly.

Yard Signs
Custom Poly Packaging offers a solution for all of your yardsign needs.Some of our more popular offerings include custom yard signs, poly bag signs, and curbside lawn signs complete with your custom print.  Learn more about your yard sign options.

Shipping & Mailer Bags
Custom printed shipping bags and mailing bags with peel and seal, permanent or resealable adhesive lip. Remove the tape to expose the adhesive, fold the lip, stick to the back side of the poly envelope and it's ready to be shipped or mailed. USPS approved film is used for mailer bags. Shipping bags can be either the monolayer film used for mailers or co-extruded LDPE that will block sight of the bag contents. 

Biodgradable LDPE
Green earth friendly ecologically conscientious plastic films are now available. The biodegradable plastic bags we make from these films begin to degrade in a landfill after 9 months to a year. You can read more about biodegradable poly bags here.

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