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Our Core Products

Custom Poly Packaging manufactures custom plastic bags and flexible packaging. We specialize in custom printing on poly film and converting that poly film into bags in custom sizes and to custom specifications.

While we have the capability to manufacture a wide range of packaging solutions, we do have a few core products:

Yard Signs
Custom Poly Packaging offers a solution for all of your polybag yard sign needs. Whether you're looking for signs for a roofing or siding company, or promoting a political candidate, we can print your graphics and message on a poly bag sign in one of five standard sizes or in the custom size that you need. Wire frames are available and can ship with your signs -- no delay waiting on one or the other. Wholesale programs are available to approved sign companies and other authorized distributors. Learn more about your yard sign options.

Custom Zipper  Bags
Whether your custom zipper bag need involves custom printing or an odd size, Custom Poly Packaging can provide you with a solution. We manufacture zipper bags with a wide variety of specifications. We can print your standard graphic and message on your zipper bags, add a hang-hole in the zipper lip, and even provide tamper-evident zipper bags that are loaded from the bottom and then sealed. (We can get you great pricing on stock zipper bags, too!) Learn more about your custom zipper bag options. 

Custom Mailer Bags
Mailer bags, also known as shipping bags or courier bags, are ideal for shipping your product when you need to minimize added weight. Custom printed mailer bags allow you to communicate your brand message with the same bag used to deliver your product. All of our custom mailer bags come with a peel-and-seal adhesive lip - both permanent and resealable strips are available. We can also provide a double adhesive lip for returnable mailer bags.  Learn more about your custom mailer bag options. 

Die-Cut Handle Bags
Custom Poly Packaging can print and manufacture poly bags with die-cut handles or holes. Whether you need a handle bag for a trade show or a door hanger for door-to-door literature distribution, we have the solution you're looking for. We can also punch round or "sombrero" hang-hole into your custom packaging solution. Learn more about your custom die-cut bag options.

Product Packaging
When your business involves selling a retail product to consumers, a significant component in your marketing plan is high-quality product packaging. Custom Poly Packaging can work with you to develop and manufacture high-quality product packaging to your custom specifications without destroying your budget. Learn more about your custom product packaging options.

"Green" Plastic Solutions
Custom Poly Packaging uses only water-based inks for flexographic printing which eliminates the use of solvents and other substances that can cause pollution. Additionally earth-friendly plastic films are now available for most plastic bag and flexible packaging applications. The biodegradable plastic bags we make from these films begin to degrade in a landfill after 9 months to a year.  Note: The single greatest ecological problem involving poly bags is the failure of most consumers to recycle them. If a biodegradable or compostable film is not the solution you're looking for, let's talk about printing a "Recycle Me" message on your bag or packaging to encourage better stewardship of our planet. Custom Poly Packaging cares about our planet and the responsible use of plastic bags and packaging. Learn more about environmentally-responsible packaging solutions.

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