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To request a quote for any custom flexible packaging item, please use the "QUOTE REQUEST" button at left to receive pricing on custom manufactured plastic bags.

When using our "quote request" form:

1. Please tell us where you found our website.

2. Please describe the item in as much detail as possible. Tell us exactly what the item is; mailer, shipping bag, yard sign, wicketed bag, header bag, die cut handle bag, etc.

3. List as much information as you can about the item's size, features, thickness, color, how it will be used, etc.

4. If the bag has a lip, please tell us how many inches it adds to the length that you have entered and if you need an adhesive on the lip.

5. Currently, the quote request form has the capacity for one item. If you would like to receive a quote on multiple unique items, please enter each item into a new quote request or call us, toll free, at 800.548.6603 and mention that you would like to add items to the quote request that you began online.

6. Note that as you enter the bag construction, size & thickness, The estimated minimum order quantity will automatically display. This MAY be the fewest number of custom poly bags that we can manufacture for you. However, the actual minimum order quantity may be higher depending on the raw materials required.

Here is a list of plastic films we use routinely to manufacture custom flexible packaging:

Low Density PolyEthylene (LDPE - recycle# 4)
High Density PolyEthylene (HDPE - recycle# 2)
Co-Extruded Low Density Polyethylene (CO-EX PE - recycle# 4)
Biodegradable LDPE (can be safely deposited in a landfill or recycled - # 4 -- film is NOT compostable)
Polypropylene (Our Polypropylene is a monolayer random co-polymer containing ethylene. It is not a moisture and air barrier film.)

Please include where you found the link to our website on the internet. Thank you!


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