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Please use the following item calculator for bags to obtain a general idea of the required     minimum order quantity:

Bag Size Enter all dimensions in inches
Width across opening (Minimum 3")
Length from open end to bottom
Flat Bag
Side Gusset      ................. (Maximum side gusset bag length 120") 
Bottom Gusset    ...............
Thickness (in thousandths of an inch) (1 "mil" shown as default)
Quantity Desired
Minimum Order Quantity is 
(other minimums, either higher or lower, may apply)
Minimum for any order is $100.00

Since we manufacture custom bags to your specifications, please use the space below to describe the item with as much detail as possible.

Union Production
Custom Poly now offers Union Production!
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Watch flexible packaging manufacture
A video that explains manufacturing custom poly bags.
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