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Custom Poly Packaging, Bags  Plastic, Fort Wayne, IN

Custom Poly Packaging is a Union manufacturer of custom printed plastic bags, yard signs and plastic packaging.

Union member of Allied Printing - Central Indiana.

All Custom...All the time!

Custom Poly Packaging manufactures a variety of plastic products, including bags, signs and packaging. We work directly with many companies and organization, and through marketing, advertising, promotion and branding specialists nationwide. Our office and production facilities are located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. All products we manufacture are UNION AND USA MADE.  We ship blind, third party and confidential, every day on behalf of our distributors and wholesale customers.

What We Do For You

Custom Poly Packaging works with you to make your plastic bag and packaging ideas a reality. We understand that what you really want is a result, not a product. Our experienced team will work with you to find the best solution for your desired result.

You may want to visit the Frequently Used Terms Glossary or Measuring A Poly Bag pages of the Educational Resources section on this website to become familiar with some general information about the flexible packaging industry.

Featured Products

For more than two decades now, Custom Poly Packaging has provided custom plastic solutions to companies and organizaions nationwide. During that time, we have become especially good at a few core products:

  • Yard Signs - We are a wholesale yard and lawn sign manufacturer! We manufacture custom printed yard signs, printed on sun blocking film. Custom poly bag signs printed on sun blocking film can be printed in as many as three spot colors and in lots as small as 500 signs.
  • Zipper Bags - Zipper bags, also referred to as recloseable bags. are a familiar and convenient way to package and organize everything. Zipper bags can be manufactured with the zippers sealed and the bottom open, allowing your company to more easily load your product and then seal the bag. Perforation can be used to make the top of the bag tamper-evident.
  • Mailer Bags - Mailer bags, also referred to as shipping bags or courier bags, are commonly used for sending products or documents through the USPS or a commercial parcel service. Custom Poly Packaging can also manufacture USPS-approved packages that comply with bulk mail rules. Mailer bags used for shipping are generally manufactured with a permanent seal strip. However, we can also manufacture these bags with a re-sealable seal strip for application requiring this feature.
  • Die-Cut Bags - If you've ever attended a convention or business expo, you are familiar with the standard handle bag. These bags are usually manufactured with a reinforced top and a handle hole stamped through the plastic with a die. Custom Poly Packaging not only uses a die cut process for handle holes, but we can also punch hang holes for hanging your bag on anything from a display rack rod to a door knob.

Custom Poly Packaging also offers bags made from earth-friendly films that are biodegrade quickly once in contact with earth. We have been flexographic printing with water based inks since 1990 and also offer "green" technology in custom poly bags made from biodegradable LDPE film. Our BIODEGRADABLE low density plastic film has been engineered to start to break down after it has been in the ground from 9 to 15 months thus making it very environmentally friendly packaging material. In addition to biodegradable films, we also manufacture products from reprocessed plastic which comes from reprocessing plastic waste created during the production of new film. If you want your plastic solution to be include good stewardship of the environment, talk to our experienced team about how biodegradable or reprocessed films might work for your application.

Our Capabilities

Custom Poly Packaging can print on a variety of polyethylene and polypropylene films. We have the machinery to convert that printed film into a variety of finished  products that can satisfy help you obtain your desired results. When your results require resources or expertise outside what we can offer, our experienced team will connect you with the right resources through our network of industry professionals. As we see it, Custom Poly Packaging is in the business of getting you results.

Most of the items we manufacture are made from polyethylene film and have been customized to meet the specific needs of our customer. We serve a wide spectrum of corporations that purchase and market large quantities of unique products that they have designed and we manufacture to their specifications from poly films. Since we are a custom flexographic printer and contract packaging manufacturer, you will be talking directly to the source.

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction. We offer the expert help you need to work out the details and select the appropriate poly film that will perform in your unique application.  Reclosable bags, specialty bag, shipping bags and mailing bags - all
ustom made to your corporation specifications or your client's requirements.

To get started down the path to your custom plastic solution, complete the information requested on our QUOTE REQUEST page or contact us at Thank you!

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We invite you to check the "Educational Resources" section of our
to find more information about custom flexible packaging manufacture.


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